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DON'T - Send us photocopies of vital documents. (Birth, Death, Marriage, Divorce.) We cannot process Vital documents unless you send the original certified document. If you need to order a new document, you can try www.vitalchek.com. Many of our clients have used this website with success. Please Note: We do not offer support for their website.

DON'T - Do NOT include documents not needing our services. If you order a new birth certificate and having the document shipped directly to our office, do not order multiple copies unless we are processing all of them. Also, Do not include unrelated documents that are needed at the destination. We cannot include them.

DON'T - Do NOT send us your original driver's license, passport or Naturalization Certificate. 

DON'T - When sending your original diploma, do NOT include the leather case or frame. These will not be returned.

DON'T - Status Updates. Please do NOT call in for status updates. We may need time to look into your case. By emailing instead of calling this gives us an opportunity to have the answer before we respond. We cannot research your case over the phone. Email info@apostilleplease.com. 

Below is a list of do's and don'ts to enhance your experience using Apostille Please, LLC.


DO - When first making contact with Apostille Please, LLC, DO tell us which STATE your documents are from AND which COUNTRY they are for. This will save time getting you the right help fast.

DO - When emailing info@apostillplease.com, do put the STATE and COUNTRY in the subject line so it will be easy to know what you're looking to do even before we open your email. 

DO - Research what documents you need before contacting Apostille Please, LLC. Not every case is typical. Ultimately you will have to satisfy the authorities in the country you will be dealing with.

DO - If your Vital documents are not recently issued, DO order newer copies. (Vital documents are Birth, Death, Marriage and Divorce.) Some states have strict regulations about document age. Photocopies are unacceptable.

DO - When submitting your documents, DO use our Intake Form (link above) or your own cover letter. If you send your documents without a cover letter or form, we will not be able to identify you.

DO - When submitting documents, DO make sure ALL PAGES of your document are bound by staple. This will eliminate confusion and delay. Example, if you have a 3-page Power of Attorney make sure all pages are stapled together. Loose pages may cause a delay or error in your order.

DO - When enclosing a check or money order, DO make sure you use a paperclip to attach it to your document. If not, your check or money order may be unintentionally discarded with your envelope.

DO - Enjoy the expertise and professionalism of the Apostille Please, LLC staff!