Frequently Asked Questions

Our Mission here at Apostille Please, LLC is to help our clients reach their goals through the complex process of Apostille, Legalization or Attestation. We can process most U.S. documents for use in just about every country. Below are a list of Frequently Asked Questions. If your question is not listed or you need more information feel free to call, text or email.

Q. What is an Apostille?
A. An Apostille is a document attached to your document that signifies that is ready to be presented to any country that accepts Apostille. It's an authentication of a public document issued pursuant to the 1961 Hague Convention abolishing the Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents. The Apostille ensures that public documents issued in one country will be recognized as valid in another country as long as they are part of Hague.

Q. Are you affiliated with any Embassy, Consulate or Government entity? 
A. No. We are a private business registered in the United States. We do work closely with these entities to facilitate the Certification process.

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Keep it simple with answers to these 2 essential questions.
What State(s) are your documents from? 
What Country do you need them for?

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Q. How long does the process take?
A. Due to COVID-19 many State and Federal process times have inflated. Process time does not include travel. Legalization and Attestation can take significantly longer since the process is lengthy. Any process time given is an ESTIMATE based on experience. Variables out of our control can effect process time so plan accordingly. Expedited Services are available. See below.

Q. I'm in a hurry, do you offer Rush Services?
A. Yes, even with COVID-19 delays we can still provide some sort of rush services. No one gets it done faster. Check with us to see if your state documents can be rushed.

Q. Do you process non-U.S. documents?
A. No. We process U.S. documents only. If the document is notarized in the U.S. then it is a U.S. document even if it was written abroad.

Q. Can I scan my birth certificate and email it to you for Apostille?
A. You can email a scan for verification purposes only. Vital documents such as birth, death, marriage and divorce documents must be original and recently issued. You may be able to order a new document at All notarized documents must also be original.

Q. I can't find my birth certificate, can you order me a new one? 
A. We cannot order vital documents such as birth and death certificates. They must be obtained according to the law. You can order most documents online from We can order marriage and corporate documents for some states. 

Q. Can you help obtain my FBI background check?
A. We do provide the Apostille for these documents but not the FBI background checks themselves.
Click here to find a list of approved FBI Channelers to assist in that process. Give them our address for Apostille. They may provide another apostille service, however we will likely give you the best price and service.  Keep in mind ALL federal Apostilles are taking approximately at least 12 weeks until further notice. There are no rush options.

Q. Do you have a walk-in office in my town?
A. Walk-in offices are not necessary since the certification process is not instant. Documents need to be prepared and should be submitted to our main mailing address or to one of our satellite locations for expedited services. 

Q. Do you offer International shipping for my completed documents? 
A. Yes, we use FedEx and UPS. Please email us the name, address and telephone of where we are sending the documents for an accurate shipping quote.

Q. What if I am not in the United States but need to sign in front of a U.S. notary public?
A. Head to the U.S. Embassy in the country you are in and have the U.S. Consulate notarize. Send the original signed and stamped document to us for Apostille. Due to COVID-19 some states have allowed their notaries to use webcam notarizations. Florida and Michigan are the only states that will Authenticate an electronic notarization.

Q. Can I communicate with someone who understands my language? 
A. Yes, we ask that you email your questions to ​ if you are not comfortable speaking English. 

Q. Why should I use your service over others?
A. Even during the COVID-19 crisis we have been operating at a high level. We believe we are the best, most reliable, affordable and make the process easy for our clients. We offer Rush Services in States where it is available. Unlike other services, we are available for questions 7 days a week even after your order is in process.

At Apostille Please, LLC your documents are in good hands. 

NOTE: If your documents are notarized, State Law requires your notary use the Full Notary Acknowledgment or your document may be rejected. Hastily, signed, dated and stamped by your notary is not acceptable for international use. If your document is rejected due to a notary error you will be charged a resubmit fee. Download our free All-Purpose Notary Acknowledgement below.

​NOTE: When mailing in original diplomas do not send with the frames or leather cases. Diploma only.

Your frame or case will not be returned.

NOTE: Documents left in our office without payment for 14 consecutive days will be considered abandoned and are subject to shredding for your protection.

Attention Real Estate Professionals: If your signer is located outside the United States your Apostille will have to come from that country. We provide U.S. Apostilles for use outside the U.S.. We do not provide international referrals.